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Style Studio : Fashion Designer 2.0.1

ScreenShot of Style Studio : Fashion Designer 2.0.1 by XMG Studio Inc. Don't just watch the trends, make them! The only App that lets you create, customize, and share your own fashions. Tops, jackets, dresses, skirts and pants with an endless array of material and accessories. Now with both male & female models and fashions. Personalize designs with your own graphics and even use photos right from your device. Style Studio is a fun and creative fashion design suite created by XMG Studio and featured by Apple as "New & Noteworthy" and a week later in "What's Hot!" Also featured as part of Apple's "Fashion -- Apps for the Clothes Minded" feature alongside Top Designers such as Chanel, D&G, Gucci, Dior, Fendi and Hugo Boss. "Many of my fellow New Yorkers are attending FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) and are ...
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Deco Sketch 1.1.3

ScreenShot of Deco Sketch 1.1.3 by Ben Guerrette Deco Sketch - Generative Drawing App Deco Sketch is a generative drawing application designed specifically for tablets. Through play and experimentation, It gives anyone, artist or otherwise, the ability to create something beautiful or chaotic. It provides a relaxing zen experience of sorts watching the shapes grow on screen as you draw on the glass. It's art, that creates art. Create original generative style designs using 5 different brushes with adjustable options. Save your images to use as custom wallpapers or share with friends. The is the first mobile application release from Ben Guerrette. It was inspired by the varied works of Generative Artists, VJ's and Creative Coders with whom Ben has the pleasure of interacting with and discovering through-out his career. What's new in Version...
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ScreenShot of [+]Moments by Snack Studio V1.21 Update! *New Format for your moments *Waiting For Windows 8 Version ! ***************************************** "Tonight, my girl says yes!" "Finially got the job I wanted, today is my day!" "Happy birthday to kiki, love you~" So many joyful moment in our life,but sometimes we just can't tell any because of our careless. Imagine the warmth you'll feel when you recur to those lovely,and sweet,and beautiful moments. That's why we design [+]Moments for you. With this elegant app, you can record your every single moment with one simply slide. Laugh, smile or angry, event sadness is precious. You can now keep your every feeling in the cloud, and forever. Special tag marks those you really care, and the calendar tells you where they are. And those soft, elegant...
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iDraw for iPad 1.2.2

ScreenShot of iDraw for iPad 1.2.2 by Indeeo, Inc. iDraw is the most feature-packed vector drawing and illustration app available on the iPad! "...the iOS’ answer to Adobe Illustrator" - Padgadget "Finally, Professional Vector Editing Comes to the iPad; 9/10" - "Numerous options; easy to use" - Macworld iDraw has all of the tools you need to create everything from detailed technical illustrations to beautiful works of art. Create complex designs quickly and easily, even on the go. Latest features: - Style library - SVG Import and Export - Dropbox Integration - Dimension lines - Boolean path combinations - Canvas scale, Rulers, and Units (mm, cm, inches) - Pen tool multi-point selection and editing Layers, Text, Images, Multi-color Gradients, RGB color picker, Brushes, Bezier Pen Tool, customizable...
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Flugtag Pro 1.0.0

ScreenShot of Flugtag Pro 1.0.0 by iDevUA Treelight Limited Funny flights for your pleasure! Open designs, mix em, create your own plane. Get more bonuses and cool upgrades to fly further and became first in the Flugtag Pro world records table! Tap birds to earn additional money and get chicken-style plane. Game features: Cartoon-style graphics Game Center support Five airplane designs with ability to mix parts Special plane for banished seagulls Cool upgrades
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Infinicam 1.50

ScreenShot of Infinicam 1.50 by Nevercenter Ltd. Co. Introducing the newest photo app from the makers of CameraBag: Infinicam! Like CameraBag, Infinicam applies high quality effects to photos, but instead of having a set number of pre-defined camera styles, Infinicam offers an endless variety in a fun, stylish interface. With each press of its New Camera button, Infinicam generates a new and unique randomized camera style. These high quality effects go far beyond the usual range of toy camera styles, and Infinicam also features 18 high-quality film-style borders lovingly recreated to delight photography buffs. There are literally billions of possible camera styles to discover, with advanced algorithms in place to assure a high hit rate of unique, high quality results. Once a favorite camera style is found, it can be easily saved and named for...
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ScreenShot of ARTREE 1.1 by Hansol Huh ARTREE is a tree-generator technically. With a tap of your finger, ARTREE's sophisticated generative algorithm begins growing an amazingly beautiful living organism. Every tree has its own unique shape and life , so all you have to do is just letting it come through. Our life and nature are filled with a number of coincidences, and sometimes it makes breathtakingly beautiful moments. Clear you mind with this artsy app. It is really relaxing, peaceful and original. Make unique and novel patterns and background for web designs, page layouts, or illustrations with ARTREE. SEE WHAT USERS SAID: "The randomness of the growth is the whole point, because you never know what you're going to get, and if you don't like it, you just do it again! It's really a beautiful app and a very relaxing way...
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iGizmoz 1.1

ScreenShot of iGizmoz 1.1 by Omer Shoor Welcome to the Gizmoz world. The Gizmoz world functions as a stylished dashboard to manage a wide selection of chici designed widgets that can be customized to your needs. This multi app includes 11 gizmoz – each one a mini-app in its own right: - World clock (5 optional designs) - Sticky notes of different styles - Calendar - Search tool for Google, Google images, Yahoo, twitter, flicker, Youtube, Wikipedia and Merriam Webster Dictionary. - Speed dial (phone number, SMS, mail) - Countdown for special events and others - Stopwatch (timer and stopper) - Slide show frame - Swinging creature (4 styles) - Games: tic-tac-toe, tiles - Flashlight iGizmoz was created to be useful, fun and eye catching. Leave it open on on your iPhone / iPod screen, having your gizmoz available for you at all...
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Clock Pro HD 2.5

ScreenShot of Clock Pro HD 2.5 by Alarm Clock Company Clock Pro HD combines all clock and timer functions you can imagine in one application. Now you have it all! By downloading Clock Pro HD you will get: ✔ ALARM CLOCK: The best digital alarm clock in 18 beautiful designs for as well landscape as portrait mode! The look and feel of the clock is fully adjustable. Choose your own foreground clock style and background. Adjust the brightness as you want it. Optionally display seconds or even fractional seconds! ✔ IPOD MUSIC ALARMS: Wake up with your favorite iPod Music or selected alarm. You can let the alarm sound or music fade in gently and set the fade duration. The alarm will show a huge snooze button on screen. You can also adjust the snooze length. ✔ ANALOG CLOCK: Simple, clean and effective clock with optional sound effects and old-...
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Car Toons! 1.15

ScreenShot of Car Toons! 1.15 by FDG Mobile Games GbR THERE’S ALWAYS ONE GALLON LEFT FOR JUSTICE! **InsideMobileApps: "The game exudes charm. The anthropomorphic vehicles have a great deal of visual character without taking the easy approach and ripping off the characters in Pixar’s Cars movie." **148 Apps: "Plenty of games have clever designs and plenty more have clever writing. Car Toons! is fortunate enough to have both." • Clear the Road with a Wicked 80’s Rescue Squad After more than a decade of service, the CAR TOONS have been written off as scrap metal. However, today an emergency call from the government brings them back into action! Gangster Cars are all around and terrorizing the streets. This situation requires some serious measures, which only the CAR TOONS and their "unconventional...
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